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Frequently Asked Questions

About Wattsun

How much power does a Wattsun deliver?

A Wattsun delivers 2kW continuous power or 3,5kW peak.

The capacity of a Dock is 1.400Wh, which gives you almost 3 hours of use for a 500W load.

An extra Pack adds 1.600Wh of capacity. Allowing a system consisting of 1 Dock and 1 Pack to power a 500W device for 6 hours.

What are the 4 new features of the Dock+?
  1. It is possible to use the Dock+ (and the stack) whilst charging. Now you never run out of power, and you can keep working when the Dock+ is charging.
  2. With the Dock+ you can charge a stack of Wattsun-modules. This is cleverly done from the bottom to the top. This way you can easily change the empty packs up-top.
  3. Thanks to the Wattsun Charger 600 you can charge the Dock+ in 2,5 hours, instead of 4 hours with the Dock 2000.
  4. Last but not least you can charge your Dock+ with the power of the sun.
How much does a Wattsun weigh?

Een Watttsun incl. transportcase weighs less than 20kg making it trasportable by a single person.

How do I connect an extra Pack?

An extra Pack is connected by stacking it on top of a system. This involves no extra cables or connectors.

An empty pack can be taken of the stack just as easily.

Stacking packs can be done whilst the system is under load, causing no interruptions to the power.

How much noise does a Wattsun make?

A Wattsun is completely silent when in use.

How safe is a Wattsun?

A Wattsun has no moving parts, no combustion engine with hot parts and no exhaust gases.

Inside a Wattsun there are safety controls that shut the system down should the device become moist or too hot inside. 


Is shipping free?

Shipment cost in the Netherlands is included in the rental price. Both delivery to your doorstep as well as the return shipment.

How does the shipping work?

Wattsuns are shipped in a transportcase to the address provided. Details of the delivery are sent to you by e-mail. 

The transportcase also holds a label for the return shipment. If so desired a pickup can be arranged.


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