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Use cases


A Wattsun is reliable and easy to use. The system can be started or stopped with the press of a button. The display clearly shows for how much longer the show can go on. Don't worry, just party!

Safety first

Safety comes first for each parade. The risk of fire can be reduced greatly with a Wattsun system, as they use no fuel and have no hot parts. Even better, each Wattsun is internally protected against shorting, over-heating and moisture. 


The Wattsun system provides reliable power to parades. There's always room on board for a Wattsun system as the system is quiet small, silent and has no hot parts. Mobile power without the noise and exhaust from a traditional generator.

Sports events

A Wattsun system provides power for sports events without the need for long cables. At the startline, for a sound system, a product activation or at the finish. Wattsun gives you power wherever you need it.

Plug & Play

Wattsun is a portable and durable battery system that delivers power with the push of a button. Anybody can work with a Wattsun. Indoors as well as outdoors.

100% Quiet and Clean

A Wattsun system is 100% quiet and produces no exhaust gases. Thus creating a sporty environment. Additionally there is no need to handle any fuel, reducing the risk of spillage.

Information display

You can check the power usage and time remaining on the info display of the Wattsun Dock. No need to worry or guess how much longer you have power. Need more capacity? Just add a pack.

Stacking Under Load

Each situation requires a different capacity. By simply stacking Packs on top of the Dock, you can adjust the capacity as required. Stacking can be done whilst the system is in use, with no interruptions to the power supply.

Popup events

With a Wattsun system you don't need a noisy generator or long extension cords to power your event. Each module weighs <20 kg making the system extremely easy to bring along.

Service Teams

With a Wattsun in their vehicle, service teams don't need to look for power on a job site  anymore. Making it possible to get the job done without delays. That's what we call service!


Always enough power for the job. A Wattsun system delivers 2kW continuous power or 3.5kW peak.

Health & safety

A Wattsun has no combustion engine that requires fuel or produces exhaust gases. This creates a healthier work environment and reduces the danger of fuel spillage.